Enemmän aikaa siihen, mistä nautit

Everyday Assistant Service

Our service offers extra hands when your own time or resources are not enough to run everyday tasks. Whether you need to book a room at a hotel or take your car to a tire change – we assist you!

For example, we can pick up your packages or purchase birthday gifts or search the web for whatever you need. You decide, and we do it!

For new regular customers 1 hour of free Everyday Assistant Service

Contact us

010 206 3700TYHJÄinfo@serfino.fi

Book a 15-minute remote appointment / call time.
Let’s decide immediately on how we can help your everyday life!

Serfino Oy implements the service as a partner of Stockmann and following the protection of personal data, Stockmann does not disclose customer data to Serfino without the customer’s consent. The persons involved will provide the necessary information directly to Serfino. Serfino is responsible for the implementation of the service and selects individuals and families in order of registration. Serfino reserves the right to make changes during the service.