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Personalized distant teaching to support children and families

Private distant teaching

Private distant teaching is an easy and effortless way to support your child’s school performance. Your child or teenager will get a private teacher’s full support in homework and exam preparation. Individually designed tutoring will help your child take learning to a new level.

Help in all situations

Personalized teaching will help your child or teenager to learn in a manner and pace that is just right for them. We will support each student’s own strengths. In doing so we are aiming to help them gain self-confidence and through that their overall development. We have teachers available for all ages, from a first grader who is only just taking their first steps in their educational pathway, to college graduates preparing for their matriculation examination.

Distant teaching is carried out by video connection. During the lesson, the teacher is present only for your children. Teaching is carried out in an interactive way taking in account that each child will be helped and supported individually in every school subject and homework task. If you so wish, the teacher will report to you after each lesson of what the lesson consisted of and how the lesson went.

Teaching can be organized to target one specific subject, or it can cover several subjects. Whatever option best responds to the student’s needs. Our distant teachers are all either qualified teachers or teacher’s college graduates, a few steps from graduating. They all have completed some pedagogic studies.

We are committed to doing our utmost to provide a teacher with your specific requirements. We will take all your wishes into account when finding a teacher that is just right for your children and their needs.

For the lesson to go smoothly a working internet connection is needed as well as equipment suitable for that connection (computer, iPad, etc.).

Employers can help the everyday life of their staff

Many companies are right now in a situation where their employees are working from home. A distant teaching lesson for the children of distant working employees can help the employees to better concentrate their work at home. Companies can provide a distant teacher to their staff either in the form of private lessons or in the form of group lessons, where the children of several employees will be attending to the same distant lesson. The employee will only pay the rateable value of the lesson.

Serfino distant teaching

  • Personalized and interactive teaching
  • Designed to meet each family’s needs and schedule
  • All school subjects covered
  • Teachers with good pedagogic knowledge
  • Teaching available in Finnish, Swedish or English
  • Price starting from 60 € / hour
  • No long binding contracts, only one week’s notice

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