We will always find a personalised solution for you, based on your needs and wishes. We want to understand the challenges of your everyday life to offer the best possible solution.

Our services include

Our housekeepers will make sure your home is clean and ready for you. Cleaning will always be done thoroughly and with precision. Our housekeepers are also happy to collect your washing from the dry cleaner or pick up flowers at the florist, take your car in for its inspection or take it to the car wash, order or accept your grocery delivery, or even collect it at the supermarket, among other things.

Housekeeping 55 €/h (VAT incl.).

There are times when very high hygienic level is needed. Disinfection cleaning can be made for partial area where deep cleaning is specifically needed or even for the entire house or apartment. Our staff will always take the needed steps to maintain the highest possible hygienic level. The gear and equipment needed for the deep cleaning will be calculated and planned according to each customer’s needs.

When needed we will use extremely high standard protective gear. The use of protective gloves as well as intensive hand cleaning by washing and using disinfection gel is part of our regular routines. Our staff is well educated in using protective gear. We are also following closely, the instructions from authorities.

Disinfection cleaning 55 €/h (VAT incl.).

Our gardening professionals will take care of your garden like it is their own. Should you want to redo or freshen up your garden, we would love to help you with planning.

Gardening services 60 €/h (VAT incl.).

We can run errands for you – just tell us what you need and we will fix it up for you. We want to be a modern concierge service. Examples of our services include:

  • Buying a gift
  • Sending or receiving mail for you
  • Taking your car in for its inspection
  • Picking up flowers
  • Dry cleaner services
  • Grocery shopping
  • Food delivery
  • Other

Running errands 50 €/h (VAT incl.).

Mikäli haluat, saat kauttamme myös kokin kotiisi. Ammattilainen voi tehdä perheenne ruuat vaikka useaksi päiväksi kerrallaan. Oma kokki voi tuoda arkeesi juuri sitä kaivattua luksusta.

Our childcare is flexible and can be arranged when your child needs a safe and responsible adult looking after them while you are busy. All our nannies are well-experienced. We will always try our best to make sure the child is looked after by the same nanny.

We offer children and youth personalized distance teaching using web cams and personally designed teaching methods for distance learning. We have a customer-oriented and flexible take on designing the teaching for each family’s individual needs. We want to ensure the well-being of your children by helping you support their development and learning.

Our aim is to teach in a way that will identify each student’s individual strengths and use those strengths for each student’s overall learning. Our distance teachers will help children and youth with their school tasks as well as learning in general. The teaching can cover all school subjects or if chosen so only a specific subject.

With our teachers help you ensure that your children will get the right kind of support they need in order to succeed in their school tasks. All our teachers have background in pedagogic studies.

Private distance teaching 75 €/h (VAT incl.).

We want to ensure your children’s wellbeing and help you support their growth. We will provide your children with an opportunity for spending quality time with an adult they trust, planned with a pedagogic mindset.

After school teaching does not mean continuing the school day once your child gets home. It is important for us that your child’s unique strengths are recognised and that we can support his/her growth. Daily life can be busy and stressful for parents, and our after school teachers are happy to help your child with homework as well as other things.

After school teaching 75 €/h (VAT incl.).

There is no better present than a gift card that offers help in the daily life, especially when it is for a trusted and responsible local company. The quality of our services meets the standards for the quality of private banking. More time is the perfect gift.

You can purchase a gift card via email, by calling or by clicking “Contact” below. We guarantee a fast delivery, possibly even within the same day.

We will provide you with solutions for housekeeping that will exceed all your expectations. Through personalised services we will ensure that we can offer you exactly what you need to make your daily life easier. If the list is missing a service you would like to include in your housekeeping package, ask us and we will do our best to arrange it.

Our services are currently available in the Capital Region: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. You are entitled to a tax credit for household expenses when using our services. Find more information here