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Serfino offers quality services to help to make your everyday life easier. Our aim is to become our customer’s partner in every day life, and free up time and energy for things they enjoy doing. We offer a wide range of services, such as housekeeping, chef and small renovation service, as well as assistant service.

As Metacore employee you are entitled to use Serfino’s sevices for 500€ worth allowance every month. In order to start using Serfino’s services, please book a telcon (15min) to go through details about the service, and make the contract.

Serfino contact details:

New Metacore employee contracting and onboarding to Serfino’s services:

Serfino’s Metacore “responsible” after the contract has been signed and the services have been started:

Warmly welcome to use Serfino’s services! Please be in touch for any question or concern you may have. We are absolutely thrilled to assist you and help to make your every day life easier!

We also visit your office every month’s last Monday at 10.00-11.30. Please come to meet us, hope to see you soon

Best Regards,

Inari and Pia

Metacore pricelist

Housekeeping and cleaning 50 €/h

The price is all-inclusive, i.e. includes quality cleaning products and equipment. For environmental reasons, we primarily use customer’s own vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.

Less frequently than every two weeks 55€/h

Minimum invoicing 3h/visit.

Chef Service 61€/h weekly

Less frequently than every two weeks 70€/h.

Minimum invoicing/visit 3h, which includes the purchase of food ingredients or making shopping list. Ingredients are always invoiced directly to Metacore employee, and cannot be included in the monthly allowance.

Small renovation service 70€/h

The price includes the basic tools needed for minor renovation. Special tools and materials used will be invoiced separately when needed.

Minimum invoicing 2h/visit.

Childcare from 42€/h

The price list is valid on weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00.

Minimum invoicing 3h/visit.

Distance teaching from 75€/h

Subject teaching from 85€/h, price to be agreed according to the learners’ needs and on a teacher-by-teacher basis.

Personal Assistant Service 60 €/h

Minimum invoicing 1h

All prices include VAT 24%. We reserve the right to change prices. The price list is valid from 8.00-18.00 on weekdays. Evening hours and Saturdays + 50%, Sundays +100% .

Prices are confidential and available only to Metacore employees.

Cancellation policy

All reservations can be cancelled 7 days before the service date, free of charge.

Cancellation 6-2 days before the service date: charge of 80% of the agreed service price.

Cancellation 1 day or uncancelled booking: charge of 100% of the agreed service price.

Exception: Cancellation due to illness will be charged 25% of the agreed service.

Cancellation must in all cases be made in writing. Serfino can cancel the service due to sudden illness or other force majeur.

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